The root of the matter

I’m finally edging closer to something that might make an interesting blog post. I’m not there yet, so bear with me, but I’m getting there.

Quick recap: I went to Guatemala for a month in February, decided I wanted to do this travelling thing a bit longer, decided to quit my job and do just that. As part of the standard preparations I went to the dentist. Said dentist stole the wrong tooth from my mouth. I put in motion a lawsuit to get some compensation for this which takes a few months and pushes my plans back. I still need that tooth out.

So, finally, it looks like I’m approaching a time when the tooth first referred for removal in January might actually be extracted. The appointment is scheduled for Monday and I’m fucking bricking it. Having a tooth pulled is, well it’s like pulling teeth. It fucking hurts, man. Even so, as soon as this fucker is out of my mouth I’m booking my flights and handing in my notice. I’m talking “the day after” type of soon. I can hardly believe it’s taken 6 months from my decision to go to, you know, preparing to go. 6 months of forms, and operations, and appointments and bullshitting; exactly the stuff I wanted to escape from.

Hell, at least my resolve is stronger than ever. Boo-fucking-yah.

Here is something I found in my notebook.

You’re welcome.


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