Well, that picture was posted a tad prematurely. Still haven’t quite figured out how to work this fancy blogging app thing.


So far I have spent over $500. Over two days, one of which was almost entirely travelling, this is an insane amount. My target was initially around the $50 a day region which now seems foolishly naive. True there have been a couple of big, one off expenses: the iPad keyboard from which I so efficiently type this very sentence, the spectacularly expensive hostel costs, a coach trip to Boston on Sunday and my new phone. But still, if I continue to spend at this rate my trip will be over by September. I’ve started a money diary and fully intend to become as frugal as a spinster in a thiftstore from here on in. We shall see.

So where did the rest of the money go? A large chunk went on the Empire State building and it’s lofty, lofty viewing platform. Absolutely worth it of course, I spent a good 45 minutes up there taking photos of myself looking all smug. It really was an amazing sight. Some went on a burger lunch that was probably hugely overpriced. Some went on, god forgive me, a Starbucks, something I told myself I wouldn’t even consider.

Tomorrow I intend to grab my iPad and potter around Central Park, reading and possibly writing. The City’s Lung is a place of inspiration, of reflection. It’s a place many artists have gone seeking solace and a quiet refuge from the cacophony of the city. It’s also free. Fuck yeah.

Until next time.



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