The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed I haven’t been putting photos up. Working off an iPad does have its disadvantages. Here though is a selection of snaps complete with relevant and hilarious commentary.


Ah New York. This is a rare shot of the often overlooked “New Yorker” sign known amongst locals as something of a paradox, being as it is slightly outside the boundaries of “real” New York.


Another unusual shot, this time of a little known bridge named for an equally unknown local borough. I can’t remember the name of either.


A random house in DC. A local told me it’s primarily used for cold meat storage, which is something of a shame.


Arlington Cemetery. Probably not going to make a joke here.


The DC Sex Museum. Subtle.


These pictures are in a random order. Still, the last two go together quite well don’t they?

A fountain somewhere in Chicago. It was wet.


And we’re three for three as this is the Hancock building. I honestly didn’t plan this out. Sometimes, life hands you aces.


Chicago’s failed “human beehive” experiment still casts a long shadow over the Windy City. And honey. Lots of horrible honey.


A big ass mountain. Isn’t it pretty? Managed to crop out the chap pissing in the woods, which is nice.


And here he is, not pissing and standing next to my good self. Don’t we look adventurous?

That’s your lot. Back to work.


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