There’s a lot to be said for doing nothing. In these days of the internet, omnipresent news in an instant and that channel dedicated entirely to Cosby Show reruns it’s often hard to steel oneself again the torrent of input and say “You know what, I’m going for a kip.” I know I’ve always struggled with it. Whenever I’ve found myself itching for a trip to Dreamyland a hundred mundane chores become as attractive as a naked Olivia Wilde slathered in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It’s a skill, and I genuinely believe this, to do nothing when there’s nothing to do, a skill that until these past few weeks I would not have thought myself in possession of. Huanchaco then. It’s a Peruvian beach town renowned for both its surf-friendly swells and the curious abundance of reed rafts of a style dating back at least 3000 years. It is also the perfect place in which to chase that most heady of goals: the doing of absolutely fuck all. Not being a surfer, the primary activity of pretty much everyone here was ticked off the list of possible distractions immediately, a good start. Next, I found a hostel that was not only comfortable and in possession of multiple places to lounge, but contained perhaps the strongest and fastest wifi connection I’ve encountered on my travels. This trifecta of loafing aids was too much to resist and so it is that I find myself, two weeks later, still in their comfortingly steely embrace. Yes, for the last fortnight I have done precisely dick. Nothing. Nout. Not a sausage. I have sat (or laid), I have watched (movies) I have played (chess) and I have eaten (mainly vegetarian actually). It has been an incredibly pleasant experience. Perhaps most extraordinarily, I have done all this without feeling guilty. No self generated recriminations of wasted time, no heartfelt regrets of activities un-done, no lingering anxieties surrounding my slothful appearance. No, I have found the perfect spot to simply…be. I did some shit before though. Here is some of it, in technicolour photographic form. Also, I had my hair cut. Guetta references are down 99%. Oh, and song of the week/month/whenever: Finley Quaye Your Love Gets Sweeter. Who’d have thought a dwarf as angry and dwarfish as Finley here could make such a pleasant song. Aw, bless him.

EDIT: Haha! That video is fucking amazing.

20130222-171118.jpg Quito, city of quilts, quiches and quantitative easing. Not really, it’s full of drug addicts.

20130222-171144.jpg The Centre of the Earth. My adventure here sadly did not involve underground dinosaurs or Victorian-style drilling machines. It did involve a small entrance fee.

20130222-171203.jpg “Look at that prick!” the locals exclaimed. “No,” said I, “It’s pronounced ‘peak’.” “Oh” they replied.

20130222-171818.jpg I still see this sometimes, when the Bad Nights come…

20130222-171827.jpg Oh god.

20130222-172901.jpg Jesus and Mary out of nowhere. In January. Good news, as the Christmas rush was over there was plenty of room at the inn!

20130222-171224.jpg Peru! New haircut! There’s almost too much to take in here so get a good. Long. Look. Breathe it in. Mm mmm.

20130222-171239.jpg Big landscape. Can’t think of anything funny to say. Oh wait…”chucklefuck”. Ha.

20130222-171806.jpg “Hey, let’s moon this truck!”

20130222-172935.jpg Naughty. Don’t worry though, it’s only crack.

20130222-172058.jpg There was no passenger when this picture was taken…

20130222-173236.jpg Holidayromance.jpg

20130222-173438.jpg A 7 hour round trip. For this. Worth it!

20130222-173502.jpg 20m drop. That’s why the…yeah.

20130222-173514.jpg 200m drop. Calm as a motherfucker. Multifaceted me.

20130222-173420.jpg Sometimes, I wish my head were really this size.

20130222-173452.jpg And an art-farty shot to finish. Boom.


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